Dreamstate Session B&W.jpeg


At the beginning of making this album, this initial idea about dreams came to me.. The way dreams are about emotion, and how they are a way for our minds to explore feelings, and how we make dreams come true with emotion and feelings as well. I wondered if I could create an entire album that ‘felt’ like that dream state. So I challenged myself to create an album around it. I wrote a handful of tracks, but nothing quite sounded like what I was going for until the day I recorded “Whispering”. When I finished it, I knew there was something in that track that would lead me forward through the album, and it did. There was something minimal and hypnotic about it that felt like dreaming in some way. I usually try to ‘feel’ my way through creating music and this felt like the direction. That emotional, open, dream-like approach became the blueprint for “Dreamstate” and the ten tracks that followed fell into place gracefully over the next year.

As the album came to completion, I started thinking about Dreamstate in another way, the way that technology has entered and in some ways taken over our lives. I watched someone walking down the road yesterday. It was the most beautiful day, and we were surrounded by the most beautiful nature all around us.. trees and rolling hills, blue skies and warm breezes, and they were looking down at their phone while they walked the entire way without looking up once. I might have done this, you might have done this as well. The world has changed in such a short time. So many of us are in a waking dream state. Awake and lost in a dream at the same time. I’m not here to judge any of it, I just made this music.. and the music transported me. This was my Dreamstate.. a wonderful journey in itself, bringing friends and talented musicians together, performing, recording, listening, mixing and even filming to create the album. It has been a great adventure, and now I’m dreaming about the next album..

- Bill Brown - August 2018, from the studio